Excavators for Sale

Here at Gold Bug Equipment, we have a range of excavators and mini excavator systems for sale. We offer an exclusive high quality excavator range on offer from the 21t machine up to the 90t machine, and our line of XCMG excavators includes the following:

  • XE135B
  • XE150D
  • XE215
  • XE215C
  • XE215CCL
  • XE230C
  • XE235C
  • XE260C
  • XE260CLL
  • XE265C
  • XE335C
  • XE370C
  • XE370CA
  • XE450C
  • XE470C
  • XE700
  • XE700C
  • XE900
  • XE900C

Excavators are ideal for any digging, demolition, material handling, brush cutting with hydraulic attachment, forestry work and mulching, grading and landscaping, mining, river work, and more. Our excavators are available in a wide range of sizes and strengths, suitable for smaller suburban work up to huge rural and mining work. All of the excavators from our range are reliable and economical, and will always perform up to standard. At Gold Bug, we only import the best of the best so you are ensured to buy the best equipment available.

We also have available mini excavator systems for sale. Mini excavators are a one-person operated machine ideal for smaller jobs on narrow sites. They are durable and stable, with enhanced safety features for the operator. Mini excavators can also work on larger sites, and are particularly useful with smaller tasks that the medium to large machines cannot access.

Gold Bug Equipment works with the best companies in construction hire, including XCMG. The company ranks in the top 5 construction companies in the world, and we always guarantee you will work with the best products available. We are also able to source excavator spare parts and sell them to you at competitive low costs. For any excavators, mini excavators, or spare parts for sale, contact us today at Gold Bug Equipment.


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