What does Gold Bug Equipment do?

Gold Bug Equipment sources and supplies machinery and parts.

What products does Gold Bug Equipment source and supply to its customers?

Gold Bug sources and supplies quality construction machinery and parts.

MACHINERY: Gold Bug equipment has a contract with its partners XCMG (China) and Palazzani (Italian)to import and distribute the XCMG and PALOAD products.  Examples include front end loaders, telescopic tele handler loaders, excavators and graders.

PARTS: Gold Bug team can source parts for all Chinese manufactured construction equipment.  Examples include –  parts for SDLG, Luigong & Victory machinery and  ZF transmission parts, along with attachments, specialised roll over buckets and stick rakes

What experience has Gold Bug in dealing with Chinese manufactured products?

Gold Bugs Director has a mechanical background and over 14 years experience in the technical arena of importing and supporting Chinese and Italian equipment.

What sort of backup and after sales support can I expect from Gold Bug Equipment?

Our high level of support sets Gold Bug Equipment apart.

Gold Bug Equipment knows first hand that in the Australian Market, after sales support is crucial and will provide business longevity. With this in mind, GBE has partnered with highly respected dealers across Australia.  This is in order to ensure GBE is well placed to become synonymous with superior backup and support.  

How many machines does XCMG export?

XCMG exported over 9000 loaders alone in the 2013 calendar year

Is XCMG a large exporter of construction machinery?

XCMG is the biggest manufacturer of construction and mining machinery in China and the 5th largest in the world by revenue. Recorded sales and revenue of XCMG in the 2013 year was around 15.9 Billion $US.

Does XCMG have a joint venture with anyone?

XCMG had a joint venture with Caterpillar for around 13 years (95-2008) with hydraulic excavators. They also have joint ventures with Liebherr, Roth Erde and PAT.

What is the capacity of R&D within XCMG?

XCMG has R&D centers in Europe, Xuzhou and Shanghai, with over 4000 engineers employed.