Agricultural and Farm Machinery for Sale

Here at Gold Bug Equipment, we have a range of farm machinery for sale. We offer a range of XCMG machinery and Palazzani machines including the ones listed below.

If there is a machine not listed, we may still have it in stock or can source it for you. Contact us to find out more.

Telehandlers for Sale: Palazzani PT 192

telehandlerforsale-goldbugequipmentIdeal for the Feedlot industry the  Palazzani PT 192 works as both a handler and loader. With its extendable/telescopic boom it offers a great option to its JCB competitor.. The vehicle is built to Italian standards able to withstand all weathers and working environments. It is a jack of all trades unit that we save you both financially and on down time. You will not be disappointed.

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Farm Machinery for Sale: XCMG LW300K

loaders-for-sale-LW300KWhen it comes to XCMG machinery, the XCMG LW300K is a machine especially adapted to the working conditions of earthmoving, aggregate and coal. This vehicle is one of the leading levels of manufacturing technology in the industry. If you’re looking for quality farm machinery, then this XCMG model might be the right one for you.

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Farm Machinery for Sale: XCMG LW400K



Looking for XCMG farm machinery for sale? This model of XCMG is one of the latest in wheel loaders to come out of production. This series is ideal for your heavy load working conditions and with more than 10 years of experience, you will definitely be satisfied with the performance and efficiency of this vehicle.

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Farm Machinery for Sale: XCMG LW500Kloaders-for-sale-LW500K

If you’re looking for farm machinery for sale, this XCMG series provides you with performance, efficiency, structural strength, service life, for all your operations and projects. Have the ability to drive with fast operation, flexible steering and sufficient power. The XCMG LW500K is essential for any of your farming and agricultural jobs.

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Farm Machinery for Sale: XCMG LW550K & ZL50


If you’re looking for farm machinery for sale designed for feedlots, this XCMG machine is the choice of vehicle. This series is easily adaptable to your worksite. It will also meet a lot of the tough working conditions.  The main application for this loader is for cleaning feedlot pens.

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Farm Machinery for Sale: XCMG LW600K


The LW600K is the K series main model. It is experienced in all aspects of performance and reliability, making it an ideal form of farm machinery for sale. The XCMG model has a very unique working mechanism compared to other machines, making it ideal for most drivers.

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Farm Machinery for Sale: XCMG LW800K


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Farm Machinery for Sale: XCMG LW1200K


The LW1200K is the largest wheel loader manufactured in China. The machine offers unparalleled performance, made perfect for a human-machine function that will make every job a whole lot easier. This model is also easy to operate, making it a great piece of farm machinery.

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More about our Farm Machinery for sale

Gold Bug Equipment has a large range of farming and agricultural equipment available for sale. For any rural needs, such as harvest and post-harvest, loading, and cultivating, Gold Bug imports the best Chinese heavy machinery. The team at Gold Bug is always dedicated to importing the best internationally acclaimed equipment and selling them to our customers at low prices.

All of the farm machinery is robust, reliable, competitive, and will always get the job done. Any agricultural job from loading to earth moving will be made easy with Gold Bug’s exceptional products and customer service. Gold Bug director Simon Vavasour also has a background in agricultural work and understands the requirements and operations of the machinery.

You can also find out more about our Chinese loaders for sale.


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