Are you looking for landscaping machinery for larger earthmoving projects? At Gold Bug Equipment, we have a huge selected range of landscaping machinery from XCMG that will prove a quick and easy driving experience for all your earthmoving needs.

When finding the right equipment for the job, there are a few things that you should look out for. Firstly, it is important that the machinery’s operation is reliable and is able to perform at its best in many working conditions. All the XCMG machinery we sell are constructed from high strength materials, allowing them to withstand great amounts of stress and heavy-duty applications.

Here are just some of some of the XCMG landscaping machinery we sell:

Secondly, earthmoving and landscaping involves heavy loads being moved constantly for hours a day. To make the most out of the vehicles you need to be able to have access to spare parts.  You need to be ensured that just in case you are in need for any spare parts, parts and equipment are easily accessible for you. Gold Bug Equipment supplies an extensive range of Chinese machinery, excavator parts and loader parts, and can source virtually any part for any landscaping machine.

At Gold Bug Equipment, we are able to source landscaping machinery and the parts for larger earthmoving jobs at the most competitive and affordable prices.

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