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At Gold Bug, premium internationally renowned construction products are available to you at competitive prices. Call or email to discuss our latest range of loaders, farm machinery, excavators, earth moving machinery, attachments and pumps.


Excavator and Loader Attachments

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Gold Bug Equipment supplies an extensive range of loader, excavator and earthmoving attachments for sale, including quick hitches, pallet forks and more.


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Grader for sale - XCMG

At Gold Bug Equipment, we offer a huge range of motor graders or road graders/road cleaning machine for sale from the highly respected and well-known construction company XCMG. Whatever the job at hand is, we have the machine that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Check out the new GR 135 Grader today!

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Here at Gold Bug Equipment, we have a range of loaders for sale. We offer a range of XCMG machinery including a wide range of loaders for sale. Click to view our list of front end and wheel loaders for sale.

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All of the excavators from our range are reliable and economical, and will always perform up to standard. At Gold Bug, we only import the best of the best so you are ensured to buy the best equipment available.

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Industrial pumps - Gold Bug Equipment

Whatever industrial purpose you need a pump for, whether it’s to pump water, slurry or sludge, Gold Bug Equipment has a wide range of powerful machines to suit your purposes and the right one for the job.

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Landscaping Machinery

XCMG parts

At Gold Bug Equipment, we have a huge selected range of landscaping machinery from XCMG that will prove a quick and easy driving experience for all your earthmoving needs at competitive and affordable prices.

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Chinese Machinery & Parts

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Ranking in the top 5 companies in the industry, XCMG has high quality spare parts available for all of its machinery and equipment. We are able to source these spare parts and sell them to you at competitive low costs.

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