Loaders for Sale

Here at Gold Bug Equipment, we have a range of loaders for sale. We offer a range of XCMG machinery including the machines listed below.

If there is a loader not listed below, we may still have it in stock or can source it for you. Contact us to find out more.

Loaders for Sale: XCMG LW300K

loaders-for-sale-LW300KWhen it comes to XCMG machinery, the XCMG LW300K is a machine especially adapted to the working conditions of earthmoving, aggregate and coal. It is an industry leader with its long machine body, high strength, high efficiency and excellent performance. If you’re looking for quality loaders for sale, then this XCMG model might be the right one for you.

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Loaders for Sale: XCMG LW400K


loaders-for-sale-LW400Looking for XCMG machinery loaders for sale? With its quick movement, smooth driving, reliable operation and impressive strength, the XCMG LW400K is a high efficiency wheel loader backed by more than 10 years experience that offers excellent performance when you need it most.

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Loaders for Sale: XCMG LW500Kloaders-for-sale-LW500K

If you’re looking for loaders for sale that offer superiority and reliability, the LW500K from the XCMG machinery range is engineered for heavy loads, a strong engine and high energy efficiency.

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Loaders for Sale: XCMG LW550K & ZL50


If you’re looking for loaders for sale designed for feedlots, this XCMG machine boasts a common rail Cummins engine combines with ZF drivetrain and transmission, all of which work to deliver a reliable piece of XCMG machinery. The main application for this loader is for cleaning feedlot pens.

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Loaders for Sale: XCMG LW600K


The LW600K is the K series main model. With its powerful engine offering unparalleled performance, this XCMG model is perfect if you’re looking for quality loaders for sale.

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Loaders for Sale: XCMG LW800K


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Loaders for Sale: XCMG LW1200K


The LW1200K is the largest wheel loader manufactured in China. The machine offers unparalleled performance with its high allocation, advanced technology and easy operation and maintenance. If you are looking for a loader for sale that is the top of its range, this XCMG LW1200K is the perfect choice.

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More about our loaders for sale

Loaders are ideal for any construction and sidewalk maintenance of road materials such as asphalt, dirt, snow, logs, raw materials, demolition debris, feed and gravel, woodchips, and rocks. They can also be used to lift materials into other machines. Our front end loaders are always heavy duty, reliable, and come in a variety of types depending on your job requirements.

Our wheel loaders are available with bucket capacities from 1.8m3  up to 6.5m3. They also have varied dumping height and distance capabilities suitable for tasks from small urban uses to large rural and farming requirements.

Gold Bug Equipment works with the best companies in construction hire, including XCMG. The company ranks in the top 5 construction companies in the world, and we always guarantee you will work with the best products available. We are also able to source loader spare parts and sell them to you at competitive low costs. For any loaders or parts enquiries, contact us today at Gold Bug Equipment. You can also find out more about our Chinese loaders for sale.


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