Rockwell Quarries


“At Rockwell Quarries we made the decision to invest in the XCMG product line as an alternative to the tier one machines. It was the best decision both in monetary terms and machine operating terms.

The machines have more than proven themselves in the harsh quarry rock environment. Having paid for themselves and still going strong in the application.

We would recommend, particularly XCMG and Gold Bug as an alternative source to your loader application. You will find the machines Robust and and reliable without all the bells and whistles of your top tier machines. GoldBug’s support of its product is excellent and they are very easy to communicate with, nothing was ever a hassle and they go beyond to satisfy our needs.”

– Harry Jackson, Rockwell Quarries

Macdonald Earthmoving

“Simon Vavasour and GoldBug Equipment’s experience in dealing with the Chinese manufacturer is exceptional. Coming from a diesel background his knowledge of the loaders and how they operate is exceptional making it easy for us to get the correct parts required.

GoldBug understands the urgency to acquire parts and as such goes to exceptional lengths to meet our requirements.

It is refreshing communicating with a Parts Specialist that understands the machine and its build. With a Diesel Fitting Background, Simon and GoldBug make what could be frustrating, very easy.”

– Macdonald Earthmoving, Gene Macdonald