XCMG Machinery: LW1200K

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About the XCMG LW1200K

The LW1200K is the largest wheel loader manufactured in China. The machine offers unparalleled performance with its high allocation, advanced technology and easy operation and maintenance. If you are looking for a loader for sale that is the top of its range, this XCMG LW1200K is the perfect choice.

The LW1200K’s excellent performance is enhanced by its strong breakout force and traction which ensures exceptional adaptation to tough working conditions. The engine is efficient and reliable, featuring low emissions technology that reduces its impact on the environment. The machine offers fast operation with an even distribution of cutting force and speed, flexible steering and sufficient power through its dual pump combination which ensures the power is used efficiently.

The machine has a heavy load structure design, this structural strength is improved with the finite element analysis of metal stress. Any parts that may be under heavy load have been strengthened, ensuring the machines ability to adapt to demanding heavy-duty applications.

The service life of the machine is prolonged through the key articulated positions that have adopted a two-stage dust proof, which prevents grease overflow and dust entry, ultimately decreasing the operation and maintenance costs. The durable bucket teeth and blade further prolong the service life of the machine.

The LW1200K offers comfortable driving with the KD gear function on gear lever and a Joystick, which also has FWD N REV function that reduces gear shift frequency and increases overall operational efficiency and productivity.. The comfortable, spacious pressurised cab offers all round visibility, sealing and damping, air conditioning, radio and an adjustable instrument panel. Convenient maintenance is ensured through the addition a ladder allowing for easy access on and off the machine and the new engine jigger mechanism offers easy access to the engine for repairing.

If you’re looking for XCMG loaders for sale, the LW1200K from Gold Bug Equipment is easily in the top of its game and is engineered to handle tough conditions.


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