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When it comes to XCMG machinery, the XCMG LW300K is a machine especially adapted to the working conditions of earthmoving, aggregate and coal. It is an industry leader with its long machine body, high strength, high efficiency and excellent performance. If you’re looking for quality loaders for sale, then this XCMG model might be the right one for you.

This excellent performance is ensured through the XCMG LW300K’s reliable operation through the machine’s long wheelbase of 2900 mm and machine body length of 7250 mm, placing the machine ahead in its industry in terms of its operational reliability.

High strength is offered through the XCMG LW300K’s heavy load design, large wheelbase with a large distance between up and down articulated plates and a machine weight of 10.6 ton. The overall structural strength is reinforced with the machines finite element analysis of stress. Any parts that may be under heavy load have been strengthened, meaning the loader can adapt to severe heavy-duty applications. The 16Mpa working pressure of the hydraulic system is also well suited for these heavy-duty applications.

The new one piece type cab offers all round visibility, an adjustable instrument panel and overall comfortable operation. Furthermore, the standard air conditioner and air seat enhance the comfortability offered by the XCMG LW300K.

Looking for XCMG machinery or loaders for sale? The high efficiency of the LW300K is backed by its quick action, fast speed and flexible steering. Sufficient power is ensured through the powerful Cummins Engine, which efficiently powers the LW300K while conserving unnecessary energy use. We also cover a lift capacity range from 3,4,5,6,9,10 and the big rig at 12 tonne.

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