XCMG Machinery: LW400K

We have a fantastic range of Chinese loaders and XCMG machinery for sale, including the powerful XCMG LW400K.

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Looking for XCMG machinery loaders for sale? With its quick movement, smooth driving, reliable operation and impressive strength, the XCMG LW400K is a high efficiency wheel loader backed by more than 10 years experience that offers excellent performance when you need it most.

The XCMG LW400K has incredible performance with the machine approaching a 5 ton operation performance. Reliable operation is ensured with the long wheelbase of 3100mm and machine body of 7922mm further ensured by the postposition of the diesel.

The machine offers high strength with its heavy load design, the front and rear frame adopt a box type structure and thick board. The overall structural strength of the machine is improved with the finite element analysis of stress. Any parts that may be under heavy load have been strengthened, ensuring the machines ability to adapt to various kinds of dangerous working conditions.

The one piece style cab offers all round visibility and a spacious environment within the cab. An adjustable instrument panel enhances the overall comfortable operation of the machine. The XCMG LW400K is equipped with a single lever joystick control for easy and comfortable operation.

The design of the XCMG LW400K loader makes it easy to maintain with the engine hood adopting the large side door, featuring a large opening angle, making for more convenient access. Furthermore, the inclusion of partial integrated lubrication and centralised draining provide further convenience for operation. Looking for XCMG loaders for sale? The XCMG LW400K might be the answer you’re looking for. We also cover a lift capacity range from 3,4,5,6,9,10 and the big rig at 12 tonne.


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