XCMG Machinery: LW500K

We have a fantastic range of Chinese loaders and XCMG machinery for sale, including the powerful XCMG LW500K.

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If you’re looking for loaders for sale that offer superiority and reliability, the LW500K from the XCMG machinery range is engineered for heavy loads, a strong engine and high energy efficiency. The XCMG LW500K offers high performance with a 17 ton bucket breakout force and 16.5 ton traction, ensuring the machines ability to adapt to various tough conditions. The long wheelbase of 3300mm and long machine body of 8185mm reinforces the machines superiority in operation reliability within the industry. The dumping height of the long boom reaches 3.7m, again placing it ahead in the industry.

High efficiency is ensured through the machines fast operation, flexible steering and sufficient power through its dual pump combination.

The XCMG LW500K has an impressively strong structure with its heavy load design, the front and rear frame adopt a girder structure, robot welding and strong overloading characteristics. The overall structural strength of the machine is improved with the finite element analysis of stress. Any parts that may be under heavy load have been strengthened, ensuring the machines ability to adapt to various kinds of dangerous working conditions. The large length of the machine body combined with its reasonable load distribution further enhances its ability to adapt to heavy loads.

Reliable driving is ensured by the XCMG LW500K’s strong engine, large torque conservation, high efficiency and energy saving capabilities. The latest planetary transmission has been adopted by the machine with XCMG machine’s use of multiple unique technologies, adding to the machine’s high reliability and ability to adapt to a heavy load.

The comfortable and spacious cab offers all round visibility with an adjustable instrument panel which enhances the overall comfortable operation of the machine. Easy operation is guaranteed through the gas manual brake and the electric flameout. Safe operation is ensured through the use of a power cutoff selection brake mode which decreases abrasions. The step ladder features a wide ladder face and anti-skidding grooves, both of which guarantee safety when getting on and off the machine. It has a variety of uses, such as for grain loading. Looking for loaders for sale? The XCMG LW500K is a perfect example of XCMG machinery at its finest. We also cover a lift capacity range from 3,4,5,6,9,10 and the big rig at 12 tonne.

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