XCMG Machinery: LW550K

We have a fantastic range of Chinese loaders and XCMG machinery for sale, including the powerful XCMG LW550K.

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If you’re looking for loaders for sale designed for feedlots, this XCMG machine boasts a common rail Cummins engine combined with ZF drivetrain and transmission, all of which work to deliver a reliable piece of XCMG machinery. The main application for this loader is for cleaning feedlot pens.

This machine is engineered for a strong carrying capacity, distribution and durability. With its longer boom arms measuring 3500mm, the LW55K will have no problem loading into the haulage trucks with hungry boards.

The new one piece type cab offers all round visibility, an adjustable instrument panel and overall comfortable operation. Furthermore, the option of an electric cabinet and air conditioner within the cab enhance the comfortability offered by the LW550K. If you’re looking for loaders for sale that offer reliability and comfort for feedlot operations, the LW550K XCMG machinery may be suitable for you. We also cover a lift capacity range from 3,4,5,6,9,10 and the big rig at 12 tonne.

Download the XCMG LW550K loader specs.

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